Drive Safe & Stay Beautiful!!!

I had an amazing experience with both Wendy, and Zak. I had taken an AMA drivers course already but still didn’t feel prepared, and still wasn’t able to parallel. In one lesson with Zak I was able to parallel park no problem and passed my drivers right after. The instruction compared to AMA instructors and those at drivers edge does not even compare, I would choose them from the start if I could. Thank you :)

Emily Poulsen


I cannot say enough amazing things about this company! We have had both of our sons go through Driver’s Edge and they both passed on their first attempts. They learned so much and would have never passed their road tests if I had taught them. 
Mona is super helpful and kind. She really works hard to get the practice driving in around the student’s schedule.  
Kaitlyn in the office is really awesome as well!
Aaron really enjoyed driving with Sean and he learned so much from him. He looked forward to driving with him each time. Sean was fabulous!
This company more than prepared him for driving on his own and nailing his road test today! Thank you Driver’s Edge. Every penny was worth it! I have very confident and capable drivers now. You are so great! I highly recommend this company. You will not regret it. It is so important to learn all of the rules and procedures correctly and all of the employees go above and beyond what is necessary. Aaron is so excited for this new found freedom! Thank you Driver’s Edge!

Elizabeth Mae

I had very good experience with Drivers EDge. November 28 2019 I have just 2 hours class from Daniel before my road test for class 4. He teach me very well and I passed my road test with zero mistake i am from canmore and was new in Medicine Hat. I didn't feel I'm outside my town Mr. Daniel was super friendly person. I'm very thankful to Mr. Daniel.

Iqtdar Ahmad


They are very cooperative and very helpful. I suggest them to everyone who wants to get license specially international students. Thank you for helping me out. 😁

Davinder Singh


Our daughter was not interested in driving, at all. We insisted it was a necessary life skill and enrolled her in the Gold Course just before her 16th birthday. To her surprise, and ours, she liked the driving lessons. Zak and Del put her at ease, encouraged her, and gave her the skills to be a good driver. She proudly passed the road test on her first try. (It was the road test examiner who said she was a good driver.) Our daughter will be back with Driver’s Edge when the roads are icy to learn winter driving skills. We highly recommend Driver’s EDge.

Cindee & Don Hornford

Really loved Driver's edge inc..Zach and Mona are very accommodating to questions and very knowledgeable about any questions that one can have about driving..Will highly recommend them all out there who would want to be a safe and proactive drivers...My kids will be on the list for sure..God bless you!

Chona Belarmino

Starting off in class Zach made the boring stuff fun and entertaining. He always made sure to answer everyone’s questions and explain it in a way that could be understood and related to. During my in car practice Del was calm and helpful when I wasn’t quite sure what to do he would explain it to me until I understood.If I didn’t do well on a particular part of the lesson he would give me tips on points to remember that were very helpful. I took a brush up lesson as well before my exam which was also helpful, I even passed on the first try! Not forgetting “la parfaite distance”! I would definitely recommend drivers edge when you’re preparing to get your licence. Hands down the best driving school in Southern Alberta! 
Thanks Del you’re amazing!

Linda Miyoba Hinckley

Thank you Drivers Edge! And huge thank you to my instructor Cindy couldn't have done it without you! Xx

Kala Cure

When the driving examiner comments on what an excellent driver she is, you know that you made the right choice in choosing Drivers EDge! Thank you so much for making this moms job easier!

Dana Wentz Bell

I took drivers ed in October with Mona and Zac. After a day at school and then spending my nights at the college I was glad when they made the classes engaging and fun. I became an better driver than I thought I could be too. Been driving for 6 months now and I remember everything zac taught me in the car, and everything I was taught in the classroom

Joseph Saunders

The best instructors ever! Del and Zack were so awesome to my daughter Kamryn, and taught her so much. I think the best part was Del gave her many tips for parking and it really helped her ace the parallel and hill parking. They really care about there students, thanks so much Del and Zack.

Marnie Sawa

Del is AMAZING! He went above and beyond to help my daughter become a confident, safe driver. She even took her brush up lesson and road test on a cold snowy day with slippery roads and passed the first time! Thank you Del!!

Becky Shearer Baunton

We are so grateful for putting our daughter in drivers edge. Absolutely the best driving school around and completely exceeded our expectations. Thank you to both Mona and Del for supporting and giving our daughter the confidence and direction she needed to start her new chapter in life. They are both so caring, thoughtful and a pleasure to do business with. I will recommend Drivers Edge to all my friends and family’s. Thank you for everything.

Crystal M-Ann


Awesome service! Del is an awesome teacher! Everyone is super friendly and they show you exactly what you need to know so that you can pass you driver's exam. They set up my road test and rented me their car at a reasonable price making everything that much easier. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Brandon Boros-Matheson


This driving school is excellent, I highly recommend it, even if you're from another country (like me) the instructors are really patient and they are all the time available to your questions giving you confidence in yourself. I passed my advance road test at the first time!!! Thank you Drivers Edge!!! I’ll drive safe and stay beautiful!!!

Elena Allard

Drivers EDGE is one of the best driving schools. Mona is a very nice compassionate person who taught me in the class room part for the course. She explains everything perfectly making sure everyone understands the criteria. Del was my driver instructor. He remained calm the whole time we were driving, explained how to drive on the road excellently. Del gives his students confidence behind the steering wheel. Mona and Del are both very funny, kind and honest people. I am very thankful I meet them and that they taught me how to drive, I passed my road test because of them.

Gabrielle Meyer


Driver'sEDge is such an incredible place to learn and succeed with amazing people who really care and take great pride in their students. My younger sister and I both took the course and passed our tests first time! We both would highly highly recommend them to anyone and everyone! Their quality teaching not only helps you to always remember great driving tips and tricks but also how to drive safely, proactively, like a team player and over all staying beautiful! ;) Thank you so so much Driver'sEDge for your amazing program, I couldn't have done it without you!

Chelsea McEntarffer


Can not recommend this company enough. Could not have done this without Mona. Thank you so much!!!

Erin Cray

Driver’s Edge is outstanding! My son learned so much and aced his road test first time because of this company!

Elizabeth Wilson Kruger

My experience with Drivers Edge was an extremely positive one. All of their staff are friendly and very pleasant to talk to. My instructor’s name was Del. Del was friendly, positive and encouraging. Not only does Drivers Edge create proactive drivers but they create safe, responsible, respectful and educated drivers. I will definitely be recommending Drivers Edge to all of my friends. 10/10

Joshua H

Thank you for helping me pass my road test the first time round! Cindy was an amazing driving Instructor, I learnt so much and gained more confidence taking your course!

Amelia Mackie

Thanks Chelsea!!!!! We couldn’t have done it without your help!!!!!

Lisa Perich

Drivers EDge Inc is an amazing way to learn how to drive! The in-class sessions are interesting and eye-opening. I learnt so much about the road and vehicles, that I never knew before! The in-vehicle classes were very relaxing, fun, and a positive environment. Del was an great instructor, and taught me lots of tips and tricks to be a better driver, and pass the first time!
Thanks Drivers EDge!

Yamin Raza


Thank you for all you do for our kiddos!! You’re the best!!

Denise Orgen Thomas

Drivers Edge got some of the best driving and in-class instructors across Canada. Their in-class sessions are interactive, practical, and really fun to be in. I really enjoyed the in-class sessions.
The road lessons were great too. I had no driving experience before so I was nervous. But Del was an wonderful instructor who showed great patience and commitment toward my learning. I feel myself privileged to get an instructor like him. I passed my road test in no time thanks to Drivers Edge.

Faisal Ahmed


Absolutely great! Helped me figure out everything I was doing wrong and gave me excellent tips on how to stay safe on the road. And I absolutely nailed my drivers test!!

Michelle Mah


My son really enjoyed the classes and the driving! Everyday he came home with stories on how to remember tips for driving! Definitely recommend Drivers Edge!

Lee Coll


Having two older sisters who I trained with and went to school with didn’t give me the opportunity to drive much before I turned 16. So a week before my 16th birthday my mom shipped me off to Drivers EDge and in one week I learned to drive and got my license!
This program is not like many driving schools. They make in-class sessions and road sessions practical/fun! I remember watching clips from Star Wars to help me remember golden rules of driving haha! ALWAYS look behind you when you back up like Luke Skywalker, right Mona Delaney ! Seven years later and I still haven’t forgotten…
Drivers EDge is opening up a new location in Lethbridge! I highly recommend any Alberta parents looking for a driving school to take a look at this program! I made the trip from Calgary to Medicine Hat because it honestly is the best! Not mention the fact that attending driving school helps lower insurance rates for new drivers!

Brooklynn Jacqueline


The best driver training experience I’ve ever been through and I’m 25 years old. Thank you so much for giving me confidence!

Jossalyn McConnell


This program and its amazing instructors helped eliminate any fear and nervousness i had about driving. The instructors were super friendly and extremely understanding of any problems i had!!! I took my class 5 Road Test today and passed first try!!! This is by far a 10 star program that i highly recommend!!!! Thanks for everything Drivers EDge!!!!!

Gary Wilson


Drivers EDge really gave my son the confidence that he needed to be a great driver. He passed his road test first time around with high marks. Thanks Drivers Edge Inc.

Maria Gendron


Thanks SO much for being so supportive and having confidence in these young kids just starting out!!! We ❤️ Drivers Edge!!!!!

Ang Gackle

Thank you drivers edge. Dream came true 😍. Thank you very much.

Khushwinder Kaur

Both my boys attended this, it was a great experience for both of them. I would recommend it to all new drivers. It’s worth piece of mind for parents.

Bess Sveum

Thanks Drivers Edge for helping Caleb Lawson!!  He passed his test with flying colors today!!  So glad we had him take your course.

Loreen Hides Lawson

Thank you so much Drivers EDge for providing me such fabulous training for driving and I passed my road test today at first go!! Thank you once again!!

Mayank Patel

Thanks for all the knowledge Divers EDge! I passed my road test today!

Theryn Berndt

Hey thank you so much for everything you guys have done for me!! I’m so happy I passed my drivers test!! You guys are amazing!!

Brittney Dawn

Congratulations on your expansion #driversedgerocks

Donna Marthaller-Ogden

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