What time can I drive?

We drive with students Monday – Friday between 6:45am – 10:30pm. Please contact our office to schedule your driving times.

I've lost my course completion certificate. Can I get another copy?

Yes! We keep our student files for 3.5 – 4 years so as long as we still have your student file a copy is available. There is a fee of $25 for a copy of the course completion certificate.

Can I use the Drivers EDge car for my road test?

Yes! If you are a student of Drivers EDge we can arrange to have a car available for you to take on your road test. Please call the Drivers EDge office before booking a road test or there is no guarantee a car will be available. The cost is $65 for the basic road test and $80 for the advanced road test.

Now that I have my class 5 GDL license what are the conditions? Do I have a curfew?

As a class 5 GDL driver you have no curfew! You can drive 24/7. The condition on your licence are: Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance (AZAT) Every passenger must wear a seat-belt Licence suspended at 8 demerits Cannot upgrade to a commercial licence Cannot be an accompanying driver to a learner Must hold your probationary licence for at least two years prior to exiting GDL Must be suspension – free for the last 12 consecutive months prior to exiting GDL Must be at least 18 to exit this stage

What are the conditions of the class 7 learners license?

Can only drive with a fully licensed (non-GDL) driver who is at least 18 Cannot drive between midnight and 5am Must hold learner’s license for at least one year regardless of age Must be at least 16 to exit this stage Alberta Zero Alcohol Tolerance (AZAT) Every passenger must wear a seat-belt License suspended at 8 demerits Cannot upgrade to a commercial license Cannot be an accompanying driver

Do I have to have my class 7 license to take the course?

We highly recommend that you have your learners license before taking the course. However, we do understand that sometimes passing the written test for your learners license can be hard. We’ve had a lot of success with students taking our classroom then immediately taking the learners written test and passing! Please understand that the driving portion of our program can not be started until you have your learners license. Our student policy states that driving must start within 3 months of the classroom session or the course is forfeited.

How do I book driving time?

After you register in the course you can call our office to schedule your driving before the class starts! Otherwise, driving can be scheduled in the classroom. Call Drivers EDge in Lethbridge: 587 – 813 – 5050 Medicine Hat: 403 – 526 – 9505 Toll Free: 1 – 866 – 999 – 9505

Can I just do driving (in-vehicle) and not take the classroom?

Yes we do brush-up lessons, but if you don’t take the entire course we can not issue a course completion certificate to receive a discount on your insurance.

Do you have a payment plan option?

Normally when registering in our program payment is required in full. If you call the Drivers EDge office we can make arrangements with you. Our policy is that minimum of half the fee must be paid before attending the classroom portion of the course and driving time will not be scheduled until the course is paid in full.

How do I register to take the course?

Lethbridge – Contact the Lethbridge College at 403-320-3288
or register online here
Medicine Hat – Contact the Medicine Hat College at 403-529-3844
or register online here Brooks – Contact the Medicine Hat College Brooks campus at 403-362-1677
or register online here. Beyond Walls – Contact Drivers EDge at 403-526-9505 Oyen/Foremost/Vauxhall – Registration is taken at the high school or contact Drivers EDge

How do I book a road test?

To book a road test, you can contact the Drivers EDge office, visit a local registry office, or go online at https://eservices.alberta.ca/. Licenced driver training schools may not receive a booking fee for arranging road tests and cannot collect fees on behalf of driver examiners. Driving schools may no longer include a road test in the course fee. Drivers EDge is happy to book road tests for students with an examiner, but the fee must be paid to the government by the student when booking the road test. If you want to use the Drivers EDge vehicle, the road test MUST be booked through the Drivers EDge office.

Have questions about our services or about driving in Alberta?


Toll free: 1-866-999-9505 | Lethbridge: 587-813-5050 | Medicine Hat: 403-526-9505


Monday to Friday

Lethbridge: 11am - 4pm

Medicine Hat: 9am - 5pm


Drivers EDge has been serving southern Alberta since 2003!


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- Classroom Instruction (online available)

- Certification courses

- Vehicle rental for your road test

- Refresher lessons


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